We’re really excited to announce that Joya Shoes will soon be arriving in our clinic!

Joya shoes are extremely comfortable you have to try them to understand how different they are from a conventional shoe. We just can’t wait to stock them in our clinic.

To find out more about our Joya shoes and to receive a digital catalogue of the shoe range in 2020 please visit the following page Joya Shoes

The Joya Shoe

The human body is not designed to walk on hard surfaces. As such the Joya shoe has developed different shoe technologies to provide a more even distribution of pressure across the sole of your foot. This avoids the high pressure points that you experience in most conventional shoes.

The very soft Joya sole makes it easier to plant your foot in supination and allows for a slower pronation movement of the foot.

The flexibility of the sole allows for the foot’s torsion movement, which is limited or not at all possible in standard shoes because of the rigid insole or shank.

The fully cushioned soft sole provides an evenly distributed rolling motion and avoids pressure peaks on the heel, forefoot and the back as occurs mostly in conventional shoes.

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