Nail Surgery - Payment Plan
(4 monthly payments of £62.50)

Use the link below to set-up your Direct Debit to the Vale Foot Clinic for our Nail Surgery Payment Plan.

The payment plan will run for 4 monthly payments and will collect £62.50 a month from your bank account.

The first payment will be taken within 10 days of you setting up your Direct Debit.

The total cost of nail surgery is £250 per affected toe.

*Please note sufficient funds will need to be available in your account each month to pay for the treatment you have received.

We use Go Cardless as our payment processor for monthly payment plans and subscriptions. Upon clicking the ‘Pay with GoCardless’ button you will be transferred to the GoCardless website to enter your payment details. All of these details are processed by GoCardless who set up your payment plan with us on our behalf. When you have finished setting up your Direct Debit on the GoCardless website you will be returned to our site to show that the payment details have been set-up successfully. We will then receive notification from GoCardless and will then contact you to arrange your appointment. This appointment date will arranged for after your first payment has been collected.