Video Consultation now available at the Vale Foot Clinic

We are living in unprecedented times however we do not want our patients to feel that we have abandoned them during the outbreak of COVID 19.

Over the last couple of weeks we have had to cancel many patient appointments but we were determined that the health and well-being of our patients had to be our priority . Even before the government had announced that citizens would need to isolate themselves in their homes we had begun to contact patients to inform them that their appointments would need to be cancelled for their own safety.

Forthcoming appointments will also continue to be cancelled whilst we all remain in isolation but we have been working hard to develop a system where patients can contact us online to request the help and advice that they may need to manage their conditions at home.

We now have that system ready to use and have released it on our website to new and existing patients today.

To schedule an appointment you will need to book via our online booking system which can be found on our website. After you have completed your booking you will receive an email that confirms the date and time of your appointment/ consultation along with a link that you will click to enter the consultation room.

To join a video consultation you will just need access to one of the following:

  • a smartphone
  • a tablet computer (with camera and microphone)
  • a laptop / computer (with microphone and webcam).

During a routine video consultation we will:

  • Conduct a medical assessment of new patients
  • Have a conversation about the condition of your feet and lower limbs taking into account any new or ongoing conditions and providing further advice on how to manage the condition.
  • Assess whether you are a high risk patient who needs an emergency appointment.
  • Identify if you need further medical supplies or tools to use at home to manage your condition (mailing these to you when needed)
  • Issue literature that allows you to continue to manage your condition at home.
  • We will issue nail care packs if you require them that consist of a file, cream and nippers.

You can use the video link (or send us pictures) to show us the condition of your feet/ nails or of anything which is causing you concern. All of this can be undertaken in the safety of your own home!

* online routine consultation will be charged at a reduced rate of £10 for existing patients and £15 for new patients.
** any additional supplies that you need sent to you to help you manage the condition will be charged for separately (we will also need to charge postage costs to deliver these)

  • We are also offering online Musculoskeletal consultations for patients who need them via the same technology.
  • Very soon we will be making available nail care packs that can be purchased direct from our website.

We urge you all to stay safe, follow government advice and when this is all over we look forward to welcoming you into clinic again.

Best Wishes

Jane, Hannah & Matthew

The Vale Foot Clinic team

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