‘Verrutop’ Verruca Treatment – Could this be a game changer?

Do you have stubborn, persistent verrucae and warts?

Have you exhausted all of your treatment treatment options?

We offer a number of different verrucae treatment options within our clinic ranging from treatment with acids to cryotherapy.

We have been successfully treating patient verrucae for the last 10 years but we still treat a small proportion of patients who’s verrucae are stubborn and persistent after numerous treatments.

We’ve just introduced ‘Verrutop’ into our clinic which is an advanced, professional verrucae and wart treatment that is not available to the general public.

It is a topical solution for professional use that is highly effective in just a few applications. It contains a unique combination of nitric acid, organic acids along with zinc and copper salts.

We’ve witnessed fantastic success rates using Verrutop to treat our existing patients who have stubborn verrucae that are resistant to traditional treatments.

If you are suffering with a verruca or verrucae that remain resistant to home treatment options or have been treated by professionals with limited success we’d love to hear from you to discuss your treatment options.

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