Looking for a responsive, comfortable running shoe for the wider foot?

Do you struggle to find trainers and shoes for a wider foot?

Are the shoes you wear uncomfortable?

Are you purchasing the wrong size shoe for your feet?

Many of us struggle to find a shoe that fits us. We often end up wearing shoes that are too big for us, purchasing those that are longer to provide the extra width that we need.

However this doesn’t help us. Ill fitting shoe can lead to a multitude of foot conditions but luckily, if we spend a little time researching the market, we can find the perfect shoe making us all feel like Cinderella! Remember if the shoe fits…

I recently purchased a new running shoe but rather than pay a visit to the nearest branch of JD sports, Sports Direct etc. (other shops are available) I found myself at the virtual doors of the Hoka One One store.

Looking around the store I was astonished to discover that not only did HOKA supply shoes in Wide and Extra Wide sizes, they also provided an online tool to measure my feet.

So, jumping in with both feet, I measured my foot to discover that according to the HOKA online tool I was a whole size smaller than the shoes I usually bought and as I expected, I needed to purchase a wider fitting shoe to accommodate my Hobbit feet!

Unsure (a whole size smaller – could that really be right?), I decided to order them anyway. My shoes up to then had always worn at the sides, with my feet often breaking through the upper or detaching near to where the forefeet met the sole.

What a purchase. Not only do they fit me perfectly they are MEGA comfortable! The running shoe I bought was the most cushioned in the HOKA range but it is simply heaven on my feet. These will certainly be a great purchase for those runners that are looking for a wide or extra wide shoe or even people who spend an awfully long time on their feet everyday.

To make things even better I then discovered that they were a VEGAN friendly shoe.

So if you’re looking for an ultra comfortable shoe that cushions and cradles your achilles as you run and walk take the time to visit the HOKA store. We promise you that you won’t be disappointed!

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