Do yOO want to feel better?

The OOfOS Mission and Promise is to Make yOO feel better.

Through their proprietary OOFOAM technology and their patented footwear designs they focus on delivering on this promise with every pair of shoes they create.

With the backing of scientific tests, thousands of consumer reviews and industry leading associations OOfos have pioneered and built their Recovery Footwear.

But OOFOS is so much more than just Recovery footwear for Sports people and athletes. Anyone who spends their day on their feet, or suffers from a foot-pain condition like Plantar Fasciitis will understand what OOFOS delivers. While we believe OOFOS provides outstanding Recovery performance for runners and active people, there is undoubtedly an OOFOS shoe for everyone.

Pop in to our clinic in Barry to see if yOO can feel the OOOH!

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